Tech Page
On this page you will find links to many interesting items including but not limited to technical articles,
original Ford TSB's, original magazine tests and, much, much more.

1963 Ford Holley Carb TSB

1964 Ford Holley Carb TSB

Here are two original Technical Service Bulletins on diagnosing problems, repairing and, tuning the 1 x 4 and 2 x 4 Holley carbs set ups
found on the 427 Ford engines. Two very useful articles.

1964/65 Ford Facts and Figures on High Performance Engines
The next piece is from Akton Miller himself. Its the 1964/65 Ford Facts and Figures on High Performance Engines booklet. A very rare
item that few people have ever seen.

PHR article on Les Ritchey's 63 Lightweight
Here is an article from Popular Hot Rodding in 1963 sometime after the 63 Winternationals. Its written by PHR's Technical Editor at the
time Barney Navarro featuring Les Ritchey's new for 1963 Lightweight Galaxie.

Rotunda Tach Wiring Diagram

1964 Engine Oil Warning System
Directly from the November of 1963's Ford Shop Tips are these two articles. The first one shows the correct way to wire your Rotunda
tachometer. The second one describes the purpose and function of the engine oil warning system
used on some of the 1963 and 1964 427 Galaxies

1963/65 Transistorized Ignition System, Oil Temperature Warning System & Alternator Wiring Diagram
From the August 1968 FMPC is this electrical diagram for the Transistorized Ignition, Oil Temp Warning and Alternator systems.