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With over 400 cars listed, the 427 Galaxie Registry is arguably
the largest data base dedicated to 1963 to 1967 427 powered Full
Size Fords in the world. A special thanks to all the members and
contributors who have helped to make it all possible.

Was a 1966 Galaxie 427/410 hp W Code Car Ever Made?
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It is very important to finish your registration in order to have your car counted. Without a picture of the data plate and the cowl VIN tab
your car will be left off the Registry. Please be sure to complete your registration... thanks!!!

I thought that most everyone would enjoy this so here is the statistical breakdown of all the cars recorded in the Registry.
The breakdown is based on total percentage of registered cars in relation to the total production figures for each year. These production
figures, although estimated, are generally accepted as being close to accurate. Since Ford didn't keep exact records on production
figures for these cars prior to 1967, we will never know the exact totals.

UPDATED NUMBERS as of 1/7/2018 !!!!!

1963 R and Q Codes           4895  Built (est)            221  Recorded       4.4 %          
1964 R and Q Codes            3104  Built (est)           161  Recorded       5.1 %             
1965 R Codes                327  Built (est)               15  Recorded        4.5%  
1966 R Codes                237  Built (est)              30  Recorded       12.6%   
1967 R and W Codes                 89 Built                   18  Recorded       20.2%     
Production Total                   8652 Built (est)           44
6 Recorded        5%      

Anyone wishing to become a contributor to this website is encouraged to do so by contacting me, just click here I'm always interested in
any information that anyone is willing to share about their cars or any interesting paperwork that is out there concerning 427 car
production. The passing of this information will only help others understand more about these rare and fantastic cars that were built
during the pinnacle of the muscle car era!

Thank you for visiting the 427 Galaxie Registry website. The goal of this website is to create a data base of information about the 1963
through 1967 full size Fords equipped with the 427 engine.

Over 8600 full size Fords were built from 63 to 67 with the 427 engine but few records documenting them exists today. By entering your
car into the Registry we can help ourselves learn more about them through their documentation.

Please take the time to explore this website. I hope the resources found here will be of use to you when you are researching or
restoring your car. If you wish to contact me with any questions, suggestions or, ideas please
click here  If you are an owner of one of
these fantastic cars I hope you will take the time to fill out the owner registration form on the
"Register Your Car" page to become
included in the Registry.

427 Galaxie Registry
This website is dedicated to all of the full size Fords built in 1963 1964 1965 1966 and 1967 that were equipped
with the famous, race winning, 427 engine