1966 Ford Custom owned by Roger Decker

Roger's car was ordered new by Bobby Edge who lived in Oneonta, Alabama. Bobby had raced Fords for years. With his connections at Ford he was
able to order this car through Ford's Special Vehicle Center as a "purpose built' drag racing car. The car was built as a standard R code with radio clock
and heater deletes and, a rubber mat. From there, according to Bobby Edge, the Altanta assembly plant modified the car by installed a 4:57 geared Detroit
Locker with a nodular rear center section, moved the battery to the trunk, added a Thunderbolt style ram air system and, a fiberglass teardrop hood. The
car was then delivered from the assembly plant to Fred Peak Ford in Oneonta, Alabama where Bobby and Cecil took delivery.
Bobby was the driver and his brother Cecil was the mechanic. They were not real impressed with the performance and only raced the car until 1967. The
car was then sold to a friend named Joe Coggins who brought it to Akron Ohio. Joe raced it a couple years pretty much like he bought it other than some
engine work.
Joe then sold it to Gene "Butch" Daily. From what Roger has been told, Gene had Joe Schubeck install a straight axle and made it a Gasser. Also at that
time it was painted black and silver. Roger was also told that Charlie Gilbertson fabricated and installed aluminum door panels. Charlie makes custom oil
pans today.
Gene sold it to Dan Vince around 1972. Dan took the Gasser modifications further by cutting the firewall and relocated the engine further back with a
doghouse. Dan sold the car around 1974 to Bob Cottrill. It is unsure what Bob did to the car since he unfortunately and sadly passed away in a truck
The next owner that Roger knew of was Paul Calderone. He raced it in the early 80s. Paul did come and look at the car early this year. He could not
remember who he sold it to.
Roger then bought the car from Charles Burner in 1988. Charles has since passed away in a house fire. Roger is unsure if there was anyone between
Calderone and Burner but in that time someone painted the car turquoise.
When Roger bought the car he didn't know it was an R code. It was the following week when it was picked it up that he looked at the data tag and was
pleasantly surprised. It was not until 1991 after he had talked to the second owner, Joe Coggins, that he was able to trace the car back to Cecil and found
out the cars true history.
Roger has done a fantastic job of restoring his 66 R code Custom to its former glory. He was able to roll back the hands of time and bring it back to pretty
much the way Bobby and Cecil Edge raced it back in 1966.