Ford yellow top coil restoration. Your coil will be repainted satin black and the original style stamping will be applied along
with date coding approximately 15 days prior to the build date of your car. This stamping is done just as Ford did it originally
using a single pass procedure. This most accurately replicates the original look along with a few defects that are inherent with
the process. This service is available for all cars from 1960 to 1972 that used the Ford yellow top coil.
Unfortunately, if your coil is damaged or inoperable we are unable to correct these problems. Starting with the nicest coil you
can will yield the best results. Small chips in the ceramic top and small dents in the housing are acceptable but will show in
the finish product. Its not recommended but, we can use fillers to fix dents and smooth the housing. However, cracking may
occur once its tightened down in the bracket and your coil could be ruined. If you wish to use a new reproduction coil we will
gladly stamp then date code it to your car. Pricing is as follows:

NOS coil dated to your car $275.00 + shipping (when available)
Near NOS quality OEM coils tested, painted, stamped and, dated to your car: $125.00 + shipping (when available)
2nd quality but nice OEM coils tested, painted, stamped and dated to your car: $85.00 + shipping (usually in stock)
Restore stamp and date your old coil: $65.00 + shipping
Stamp and date your new reproduction coil: $55.00 + shipping

The restoration process has a quick turnaround time of only a few days once received. If your a member of the 427 Galaxie
Registry you'll receive an additional 10% discount.

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